Notice - Office Closure - December 2016



Notice is hereby given to the general public that the offices of Umsobomvu Municipality will be closed as from 13:00 on Thursday, 15 December 2016 and will re-open on Tuesday 3 January 2017 at 07:45 for normal business.

The Revenue Section (Cashiers) will be open until 22 December 2016 to receive payments and to sell pre-paid tokens during office hours. Tokens purchases can be made during office as well as after hours at Lucky Seven, Mamamoon General Dealer, Adelaide Street, Lowryville and OK Value. In Noupoort, pre-paid electricity tokens are available at the cashier until the said date as well as at Oasis Café during office and after hours. The Traffic Section will close on 23/12/2016 at 12:00. Essential services personnel will work throughout the mentioned period. Personnel will be on standby for essential services after hours and on public holidays. Service delivery problems can be directed to the following personnel.

Amos Mpela: Municipal Manager 082 370 7121
Birtus Kapp: Manager Corporate Services 082 806 1828
Dionne Visagie: Manager Finance 082 907 2030
Themba Mosompha: Manager Technical Services 082 806 1634
N.V. Hondo Unit Manager: Norvalspont (water, refuse and sanitation 071 150 5006



Kennis geskied hiermee dat die kantore van Umsobomvu Munisipaliteit gesluit sal wees vanaf 13:00 op Donderdag, 15 Desember 2015 en sal weer her-open op Dinsdag, 3 Januarie 2017 om 07:45 vir normale besigheid.

Die Inkomste afdeling (Kassiere) sal oop wees tot en met 22 Desember 2016 om betalings te ontvang en vir voorafbetaalde elektrisiteitskoepons gedurende kantoorure. Koepon aankope gedurende katoorure en na-ure kan gedoen word by Lucky Seven, Mamamoon General Dealer, Adelaidestraat, Lowryville en OK Value. Voorafbetaalde elektrisiteitskoepons te Noupoort is ook beskikbaar by die kantore tot vermelde datum asook te Oasis Kafee gedurende sowel as na-ure. Die Verkeersafdeling sal sluit om 12:00 op 23/12/2016. Personeel wie noodsaaklike dienste verrig sal aan diens wees gedurende die tydperk wat die kantore gesluit is. Personeel sal op bystand geplaas word vir die verrigting van noodsaaklike dienste na-ure en op openbare vakansiedae. Probleme rakende dienste kan gerig word aan die volgende persone.

Amos Mpela : Munisipale Bestuurder 082 370 7121
Birtus Kapp : Bestuurder Korporatiewe Dienste 082 806 1828
Dionne Visagie: Bestuurder Finansies 082 907 2030
Themba Mosompha :Bestuurder Tegniese Dienste 082 806 1634
N.V. Hondo Eenheidsbestuurder Norvalspont (water, vullisverwydering, riolering en elektries) 071 150 5006


Date/Datum 5 December/Desember 2016 Notice No./Kennisgewing No 57/2016

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Helping Hand

mayor wc

The Honourable Mayor Mzwandile Toto together with CEO and officials of Mannie Dipico Hospital handing over wheel chairs to elderly and people with disability. We shall continue to restore the dignity of our people.

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"Meet the Council" Roadshow

Umsobomvu Municipality recently held a roadshow to introduce the newly elected council to the community that they will be serving. Meetings were held in various locations within the region of the municipality.

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Local AIDS Council Launch

Umsobomvu Municipality recently launched the Local AIDS Council.

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Heritage Day Celebrations



After a successful cleaning campaign the Umsobomvu Municipality workers hosted a heritage day celebration. We commit ourselves to unity and diversity.

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Umsobomvu Municipality Hosts Gary Player

gp 06

Umsobomvu Municipality in collaboration with Windlands hosted the golf legend Mr Gary Player today on the keep Colesberg clean campaign, let's be Enviro Y's.

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